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WMFB NEWS Flashes:
The inaugural Wild Men From Borneo Golf Tour occurred earlier this year and was quite a success and a large contingent asking for another to follow.  

The plans are being finalised but the dates are as follows:
April 18th - 28th, 2019 - Thailand.
The tour commences in Pattaya (arrival on the 18th) and the golf starts on the 20th as Pattaya will be celebrating the aftermath of Songkran until the 19th.
The aim is to play 4 games in Pattaya then up to Bangkok for a special side tour and more golf.
The official tour will finish on Sunday 28th April.
To date we have already got 12 confirmed to tour with some still undecided. Once again it will be a WMFB sensation.

Those WMFB interested should email Capt Circket who will tell you what you should do.


The Wild Men From Borneo (WMFB) celebrated their 10th Anniversary Tour's in 2015 and took home some silver for the last WMFB game played in Singapore taking out the spoon division.

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Now where were we.....

The Wild Men From Borneo are a group of cricket lovers (or drinkers with a cricketing problem) who come together from many countries to play in sixes cricket competitions in South East Asia and generally have a good time in the process.

The first international WMFB team left the shores of Borneo (East Kalimantan, Indonesia) in 2005 to play in the Inaugural Phuket Sixes International Cricket Competition only several months after that dreadful day on December 26th 2004 when the Tsunami hit the region. The many teams that came along injected much needed cash into the local economy with a particular sharp increase in alcohol sales.

The Phuket Sixes is part of a series of competitions held around the  SE Asian region (from Australia to China) organised by a dedicated group of cricket lovers and supported by the ICC and have done wonders for promoting and driving cricket as a sport into many SE Asian countries.

Check out the following websites for greater details of the work being done.  and

Over the last few years players and non-players have come from many far off lands to play in Phuket for the WMFB, including USA, Australia, Switzerland, United Kingdom, India, Netherlands, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Myanmar, Vietnam and Indonesia. There is a bond between them all and that is cricket and mate-ship.

In 2013 the WMFB were awarded the Singapore Sixes "Fairplay Award" and in 2014 a historical and magical moment occurred in Phuket (2014) when WMFB team 1 played WMFB team 2 in the Spoon division final giving the WMFB a 100% chance of getting a piece of competition silverware for the empty cabinet..

BTW WMFB team 2 won... yeah!!!

The WMFB will again be sending a teams to play in Phuket and Singapore, drinking jungle juice, meeting up with old friends and making some new friends. HOWZAT !!!   Your Out....

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