The Wild Men From Borneo

About Us


The Wild Men From Borneo played in the Phuket Sixes competition nearly every year from 2005 until 2015 and gained a very healthy following of local and other supporters. The aim of the team is to play hard party harder and enjoy some “fun in the sun”  - the motto of the Phuket Sixes Competition. Each member of the wild men must pass a stringent set of criteria to be able to play with the team or join a tour.

Before each event a team tour document is developed in order to minimize stuff ups in logistics and ensure that the team know what the requirements of the tour and competition are. The package outlines critical information such as the first pub we are to meet in, when fines sessions are, who is doing what jobs (from bar person to water-boy) and where the team will actually be staying. Oh and most importantly when we will be playing cricket. 

This great frame series shows one of the WMFB in action. Tuk Tuk rips through the batsman in the Phuket International Sixes, 2013. The same can be shown of our very own Rentboy as he falls to a similar fate below.

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