The Wild Men From Borneo


  " Oh!! The game we play is cricket..."


The Sangatta Cricket Club (SCC) can be found in the mining complex called Tanjung Bara approximately 17km from the town of Sangatta which is located 60km North of the equator on the east coast of East Kalimantan, Borneo, Indonesia. The club has been in existence for some 15 years and includes its own grand stand, bar, nets and an cricket oval based upon the dimensions of the Sydney Cricket Ground (SCG) making it a fantastic cricketing arena.

In 2004, a team representing the Sangatta Cricket Club entered the Bali Sixes cricket competition and the touring spirit of the Wild Men From Borneo was born. The Sangatta team played well however did not win a match and ended up in the race for the wooden spoon. After some discussions with the other wooden spoon contended (who had also consumed too much alcohol and also did not want to play another game) it was decided the match would be decided on the toss of a coin.

Before the coin toss occurred it was agree that the loser would become the wooden spoon winners and receive the spoon prize of 12 bottles of Bali wine (which of course no-one wanted) the winner of the toss would win the betting money (for more beer) and not have to taste the Bali wine. All that can be said is that much money changed hands and that the team from Sangatta did not have to taste that awful drop and then proceeded to drink away the winning amount with gusto.

Phuket Sixes Tour 2005
A few months after the December 26th, 2004 Tsunami hit Phuket and surrounding islands the Wild Men From Borneo made the commitment to play in Phuket and to support the local economy. The amount of money spent on beer during the WMFB tour would have been enough to buy our own local bar.


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